June 13, 2024

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Walmart market cap tops $500B post Q1 results

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Shares of Walmart (WMT) are trading higher Thursday, boosted by the company’s first quarter earnings beat, which signaled consumer resilience on spending despite the strain on household budgets. Walmart’s market capitalization also surpassed the $500 billion mark on the heels of its earnings results.

Yahoo Finance’s Josh Lipton and Julie Hyman discuss Walmart’s earnings, shedding light on what it means about the state of the consumer.

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This post was written by Angel Smith

Video Transcript

Wal Mart shares rising after the retailers first quarter results impressed Wall Street the move higher, pushing the company’s market value over $500 billion for the first time.

And Walmart CFO John David rainy appearing on the morning brief earlier today, he spoke about the quarter and what it signals about the consumer.

The consumer has been relatively consistent.

We are like everyone else is looking for.

Uh, if there’s something there, something that we should be more aware of, but they’ve been pretty consistent quarter to quarter here.

We see that wallets are still stretched.

Wallets are still stretched.

But the fact that um sort of upper income wallets are stretched means they are now coming to Walmart.

And that seems to be something that characterized the quarter where people sort of traded down to Walmart and that benefited it.

Yeah, it was interesting too, Julie, I thought the focus on kind of these newer um higher margin revenue streams is really interesting to me.

Just kind of the focus we said, yeah, by that, we mean digital advertising and marketplace fees and fulfillment services.

And you saw that in this print too where the company kind of called out how much growth now is coming from, sort of, I guess you call it non core retail business.

And of course, if you’re a Walmart investor, you know, that kind of growth and higher margin services you love to see and, and you’re betting on that becoming just an increasingly bigger part of the overall pie.


And e commerce was a bigger part of the pie.

You know what number stood out to me for the quarter.

The company um shipped 4.4 billion units for same day or next day delivery for walmart.com.

Um that’s over the past 12 months um by compa and if you look in contrast to that 4 billion I items was what Amazon reported.

So like they’ve come in line or even surpassed those same day or next day deliveries from Amazon.

I was pretty surprised by that thing.


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